Our fabric dyeing atelier is located in the Rongjiang Dong village at Miao and Dong minority autonomous district, connecting to the outside world by a wriggling road. The Dong minorities live in the traditional wooden house built by themselves. Our artisans live in the village and go to the workshop by walk. All the vegetable dye materials used are grown in the mountain by the local people.

  • Indigo clay

  • Transport to Vat

  • Hardworking Dyeing Woman

  • Feeding the Vat

  • indigo dye workshop


  • Digesting

  • dyeing thread

    Dyeing thread

  • indigo thread

    Indigo Thread

  • hand spinning


  • handmade indigo fabric

    Indigo Dye Fabric

  • Indigo Blue

  • Gardenia Yellow

  • Persimmon Dye

  • Clay Dye