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We partner with like-minded brands and designers looking to adopt a conscious supply chain and showcase unique and meaningful designs by incorporating our artisan's heritage handicraft.

Our Service

Made to Order, (Vintage)Wholesale products, and Upcycling service

Category: Fabric, Accessory, homeware

For MOQ and RRP (Recommend Retailer Price and not include
shipping fee) please reference the description for the wholesale products. Feel free to contact us for cost, quantity, lead time, and other order information.

Our upcycling service involves providing MTO products
sourcing from local vintage materials and providing artisans’ handicrafts techniques on your vintage products.

Sourcing Ethically, Eco-friendly, and Uniquely

We source 100% from Guizhou ethnic regions with various locally-grew natural material options and breadth of handicraft techniques from natural dyeing, batik, embroidery, hand weaving fabrics embedding profound heritages.

From seeds to products, all the processes are delicately made by
hands with low carbon emission, which brings you our quality, healthy, unique products that deserve long utilization and appreciation.

Sustaining the culture and the local society

We support cultural preservation and local craft business and people. The Chinese handicraft market is growing, however, 12% of the handicrafts are facing extinction every year. 55% of the craftswomen are already over 55 years old, and the handicrafts heritage lacks inheritors.

Working with us, you can support the local community by providing jobs and incomes, meanwhile preserving our handicraft culture.

Innovating Design

We provide global clients with opportunities to convert
their creative ideas into collaborative design interventions, to bring
innovative handicraft products and stories to the global market.

Upcycling service as our USP

We provide local sourced one-of-a-kind vintage materials for upcycling. We work with local small businesses, they recycle fabrics materials from the local craftswomen or villagers etcs. Some of the materials we have upcycled into beautiful vintage products, and some are waiting for your creative mind for making them re-alive!

Please refer to the upcycling projects and send an E-mail for more amazing material inquiries.

  • We empower the local artisan women by connecting them to the global fashion textile market.

  • We aim to provide sustainable and
    ethical sourcing service and products and storytelling the ancient wisdom for responsible consumption.

  • We offer end to end handmade sourcing service from seeds to products featuring low carbon emission.