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Fabriulous provides ethical supply chain solution by incorperating ethnic heritage handicraft into modern design.
We are committed to responsible production and craft preservation by working with local sourced material and craftswomen.

Hand embroidery work

Song Shuixian

Artisan Song Shuixian, an inheritor of the horsetail embroidery from Shui ethnic group, has been working on revitalizing of the horsetail embroidery for more than 40 years. In 1988, She realized the traditional craft that she proud of was in jeopardy and started to collect, sew and sell. In order to preserve and introduce the handicraft to larger audience, She applies the horsetail embroidery to different commercial products and sell to the market. Song gathers the local women to provide them with sewing work to increase their income while allows them to be able to stay with their family.

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worldwide artisans

Yang Chenglan

Yang Chenglan from Dong Minority, the first woman from her village East south Guizhou got the chance to receive a university education and got a decent job in the big city after. However, she found more and more young people like her flew into big cities to work while leaving old and younger generations in the villages. The traditional handicraft she used to learn from her mother and grandmother lacks inheriting. In 2016, she decided returned to her village with her husband to build up an atelier specialized in natural dyeing and weaving.

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Indigo dye artisan wei xianglong from Buyi Minority

Wei Xianglong

Artisan Wei Xianglong from Bouyei Minority, deeply attached to the art crafts and culture of his ethnics influenced by his mother and grandmother from a young age. He spent four year holidays of university doing fields research for the traditional textile culture of Buyi Minority. Then, after graduating from the Sichuan College of Fine Art in 2011, he established WTWS Rural Art Atelier for the design, production and workshop training specialized in the Indigo dye.

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ethnic craftswomen

Zhang Yanmei

Artisan Zhang Yanmei from Miao ethnic minority, born in Taijiang province in Guizhou, was physically challenged after getting correction surgery at her three years old. Since then She learned hand embroidery designs from her mother and practiced every day as a source of spiritual encouragement. After years of hard work, she developed a deep interest and lead to setting up a workshop specialized in Miao embroidery and natural dye.

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miao minority handweaving fabric artisan

Gan Xiao Zhi

A hand-weaving artisan from the Miao minority, Ganxiaozhi has been practicing handicraft skills from a young age. Unlike most kids playing Legos in their childhood, Gaoxiaozhi was obsessed with fabric loom given by her mother. As a Millenium, she established the local workshop at a very early age, and once started she never thought about quitting. She wants to introduce traditional crafts in a modern way to encourage more and more younger people to love and believe in something she always does.

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miao embroidery artisan

Shi Chuan Yin

Master Shi started to learn embroidery at her 8 years old. The well-preserved family craftsmanship resource, her mother’s strict teaching styles as a great arsenal to support Shi quickly picked up and developed her embroidery technique.

Her talented embroidery craftwork is reflected in the diversity of the embroidery pattern, the style, and stunning color designs.
From giving the speech and craft classes in schools, to selling her work in the Kaili embroidery market, her determination to spread her crafts culture has encouraged her to find different opportunities in promoting their heritage story and work.

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