Artisan craft remains the second largest employer in developing countries worldwide. However, these artisans are also some of the most marginalized. The artisan sector has been under-served by a lack of access to the global markets while buyers also lack the ways to reach artisan producers easily.

China of 56 minorities shows its great craftsmanship history with every ethnic group has its own unique way of designing and adorning their costumes and textiles. A greater collective responsibility is needed.  Fabriulous is on a journey to discover the leading artisans and bring their crafts and stories to the global.

We start from working with women artisans based in Guizhou where lives a large number of minority groups. This allows us to be able to offer a variety of handicrafts techniques featuring in different cultural stories, serve as a profound inspirations for creative design.

  • We help to realize your unique
    design with a rich narrative by a diversified handicraft resource of high quality by ICH artisans and profound local culture resources.

  • We provide flexibility order quantity without the need to buy into deep minimums to provide a wider breadth of selections with caring for every piece by hand.

  • We support you by alternative supply chain that providing the best sustainable and ethical sourcing package from design, material and production line that meet your requirement.

  • We manage the rural-based
    artisans and ateliers with seamless communication in between while keep you free hand in control of the supply chain with transparency.