Ganxiaozhi was obsessed with watching her mother doing the magic weaving handicrafts on the fabric loom since she was eight. The continuous, consistent, and diversified crafts pattern forms into Miao’s traditional textile culture also weave into Ganxiaozhi’s dream of becoming a “Weaving Crafts Artisan".

hand weaving fabric

From making shoes to clothing, her mother taught her all the skills she got from the previous generation. Ganxiaozhi enjoyed every minute of the learning process and always want to learn more.

When reaching over her 20s, She built up her hand-weaving workshop with the help of her mother-in-law. With her hard-working and creative ideas, she gradually developed her business in the local market by word of mouth.

traditional handicrafts

To gather more people to join and work for her workshop after training them.
Meanwhile, she noticed that many Youngers went to big cities to work and more and more old craftswomen are too old to weave. Ganxiaozhi felt herself a strong responsibility in the protection of Miao’s heritage handicrafts.

From doing crafts training workshops with education schools, providing the local women craft training classes to attending university lectures and collaborating with design and fashion textile institutions, she would love to encourage more and more people to appreciate and continue the textile culture and techniques.

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  • fabric pattern design
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